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Helping our community where we can.

Our latest PPE effort: desk shields! We have developed inexpensive, easy-to-clean, simple workstation shields for individual desks, rectangular tables, and circular tables for classrooms and offices. If you are an educator and would like more information on this design for your school, send us an email.

Since early April we have been exploring various PPE designs that would be easy and fast to produce. Face shields quickly became the most popular and most-requested item, so now we're producing about 10-12 per day.

Constant design iteration has refined our face shields and ear-savers to be more comfortable, faster to produce, and more inexpensive. The face shield started as the RC3 design by PRUSA and then was shortened on the sides to allow two to fit on the printer bed at the same time. The ear-savers were a new in-house design by resident master designer, Ben. Comprised of two clips and connected with a soft, adjustable elastic band the ES3 allows for greater comfort for long periods of mask-wearing.

Personal Protective Equipment

The Idea Center has joined Fab Labs, makerspaces, and maker enthusiasts across the globe to help produce much-needed PPE during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Face shields, "ear savers", and desk/workspace shields are in great need and short supply.

How to Request

If you need, or know someone who needs, an ear saver, face shield, or desk shield please contact us by dropping an email here.

How to Help

Our PPE production efforts are funded entirely through donations, so the best way to help is to consider contributing toward our material costs.

Check out our GoFundMe below, and thank you for your help!

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